Domains in ICANN vs PublicSuffixList

This report compares the list of top-level domains in ICANN (which is the official list) versus the Mozilla PublicSuffixList (which is the list browsers actually use).

ICANN but not in PublicSuffixList

Domain Punycode
wed wed
ישראל xn--4dbrk0ce

PublicSuffixList but not ICANN

Domain Punycode
kids kids
music music
onion onion
السعوديه xn--mgbqly7cvafr
السعودیة xn--mgberp4a5d4a87g
السعودیۃ xn--mgbqly7c0a67fbc
اليمن xn--mgb2ddes
ايران xn--mgba3a4fra
سوريا xn--mgbtf8fl
پاكستان xn--mgbai9a5eva00b
澳门 xn--mix082f
臺灣 xn--nnx388a

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